Welcome to our POKER LEAGUE!



We are an entertainment company providing a FREE professional style Texas Hold’em Tournament poker game.

Beginners and seasoned players are welcome!

This is a free tournament to play. The only thing we ask is that you kindly tip your dealers, as they are volunteering their time to give you an enjoyable evening.

BY LAW there can be ABSOLUTELY NO BETTING, SIDE BETTING OR CASH ON TABLES. This applies to betting for drinks also. Anyone who is known to be doing any of these activities will be ejected and possibly banned.

You have the chance to win prizes.


HoCaG “Player Appreciation Tournament” WINNERS                     

And the winner of our HoCaG 100 on February 18th, 2018 @ Anthony’s on the Blvd is...none other than Juke! Congratulations! Well played!!!


“Player of the Month” WINNERS

Congratulations to Rich, our first Player of the Month this year at Anthony's on the BLVD!


Are you ready?

Then shuffle up and deal!

And good luck from all of us at

House of Cards and Games Inc.